"7 Easy Steps to Starting Your Own Freight Dispatching Company in 24-hrs"

Getting started is simple, but most will never start. Don't let the simplicity of this video deter you from taking action. You simply need to decide you're going to start; and once you do that, doors will start to open. The outlook for this industry is BIG. Get in now and stay focused. 


STEP #1: Choose a Name for Your Freight Dispatching Business

Make sure it's catchy and it stands out. Also, make sure it's industry related. This is not the time to be clever and different. You still want to be professional.

STEP #2: Get Your Federal Tax I.D. # (EIN)

It's very simple and can be done online. The IRS will assign you an EIN number directly from the IRS.gov website immediately.

STEP #3: Setup Your LLC or Articles of Incorporation

You can do this online with your State's Department of Secretary. Can usually be done for under $200 and you can do it all online and have it back via e-mail within 24-48 hours.

STEP #4: Open a Business Bank Account

You must have your LLC and Federal Tax I.D. number in order to open a bank account in the name of your business. When you start working with trucking companies, it's important they're able to pay you in the name of your company. Perception matters and having a legitimate business will make getting clients much easier.

STEP #5: Have a Working Laptop or Desktop Computer

There's no way around it; you must have a reliable computer. Trying to run a dispatching company from your cell phone ain't gonna work. You don't have to go out and buy a new one if you already have one. Start with what you already have and upgrade later if necessary.

STEP #6: Get an All-in-One Copier, Printer and Fax Machine

Yep! Many companies still use a fax and many of your loads will come via fax. So make sure to have a good machine so you can copy and print work loads as they come in. You can find great deals on sites like Craigslist or FB Marketplace.

STEP #7: Have Reliable High Speed Internet

You're going to need fast, stable and reliable high-speed Internet. Trying to run your freight dispatching business from the local Starbucks is not a good thing. Spend the money to ensure you're able to be online to build your business.

BONUS #8: Show Up and Do the Work

The freight dispatching industry is in hot demand. You can easily break into this business by showing up and having the discipline to stay focused. The Department of Transportation projects the number of freight tons moving throughout the US to grow 40% by 2045. As volume goes up, so will demand for dispatchers. Now is the time to position yourself as a contender in this space.

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