How to start your own freight dispatching company in 24-hours or less!

It's time to stop thinking and start building. You really can get your own freight dispatching business up & going within 24-hours. I'll show you how to do it in my free primer below. Click the button below & I'll send it now!

Benefits of becoming a freight dispatcher!

Boyce School of Logistics was Awesome...

Class was awesome!!! I’m definitely trying to come to the next one (Boyce School of Logistics)

Keria Simpson
Keria Simpson
Extremely low start-up costs

Very little capital and resources are required to get started. You likely already have everything you need to begin now!

no prior experience required

Prior driving or freight experience is not required. This is one of few businesses where you can learn and get paid as you go. 

flexible business model

Plan your own hours and earnings. Grow as big as you wish.

work remotely

There are no limits on territory; and you can work from any where in the world so long as there's an Internet connection.

There's plenty of opportunity in the freight dispatching business

Get in now... The Dept of Transportation projects the number of freight tons moving thru the US to grow 40% by 2045. As volume goes up, so will demand for dispatchers.

*Photos: Amazon invited us to their facility to teach on opportunities in freight dispatching.

Become a dispatcher

Getting started is fast and easy. Get my free training by clicking the button below. Get it now–it won't be up much longer!

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You're in good company

Cru Vee

Cru Vee

Dispatching Student

Yess, yess. Class was awesome. Timala, you did a marvelous job teaching today. Looking forward to the next class 


Joslyn Glenn

Dispatching Student

Yes it was thank you so much for taking the time to pour into us the information needed to make this our goal a reality 

Tammy Spain

Tammy Spain

Dispatching Student

The introductory class was amazing. You definitely know your stuff and I can’t wait to start the class.

 Meet the Founder 

Timala Boyce is the founder of Boyce Logistics LLC., and Boyce School of Logistics, a freight logistics company and has educated many individuals about logistics to make passive income.

Before devoting her work to Boyce Logistics, Timala is a graduate of Webster University where she majored in Business with an emphasis in leadership and management. She has worked for major corporations in sales, purchasing, & logistics.

Timala has worked for major corporations in sales, purchasing, & logistics. She's acquired a class A cdl license and has spent numerous years hauling freight all over the US.

Timala combined her prior experiences, knowledge, and expertise in the field of logistics and decided to become an...